RLI Webinar: A Quick Lesson on EsquireConnect

Please join us for a 30-minute educational webinar on how to schedule and utilize esquireconnect.com, Esquire Deposition Solutions' free client portal, so that it will help you manage depositions from start to finish!

With EsquireConnect, you can quickly:

  • Schedule court reporting services in moments, attach a notice, review, and receive an immediate confirmation
  • Search for depositions by case, attorney, witness, date, or status
  • Modify, copy, or cancel in seconds
  • Enter frequently entered information once and never retype it
  • Create team calendars
  • Search and download ordered transcripts, exhibits and videos

We will also discuss how to use the dedicated web page created for RLI Insurance.

Registration required.

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Presented live via webcast.

Businessman working with colleague through video conferencing from his home during coranavirus lockdown.